The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) is a local unit of government that manages water resources in the 178 square miles that drain to Lake Minnetonka, the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes, and Minnehaha Creek.

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Board meeting agenda packets are sent twice per month.

Water Level Updates are sent the first Friday of each month that Gray’s Bay Dam is open and when significant rainfall is forecasted.

The Project Area Updates provide project-related updates in specific geographies within the watershed where MCWD is currently advancing project opportunities. Sign up for a Project Area Update to receive project, maintenance, and other news related to that area. These updates are issued when there is applicable news to share with the public.  

If your area of residence is not included in this list, another geography may still be of interest to you because of our regional approach; improvements implemented upstream will provide benefits downstream. The map below includes arrows that illustrate how water flows throughout the watershed. You can also visit our Am I in the District map and search through our projects to determine which geographies interest you.

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